Monday, September 22, 2008

Back Up Your Claims To Get That Ag Sales Job

The competition for good sales positions in Ag is getting more and more intense. Each night on the news we hear about company consolidations, collapsing markets, bankruptcies, and corporate downsizing. Great sales people that have been displaced in other industries are seeing Ag as a great opportunity. These people may have been previously in Ag, or possibly grew up in a rural setting and want to return. At any rate, with the increased flow of new job seekers into the Ag market, your competition for winning a great sales position is increasing as well.

One of the best ways to separate yourself from the pack in an interview is to back up your successful career with a “Brag book”. A brag book is a folder or binder that you use during an interview to assist you in explaining your skills, showing your past success, and how these experiences make you a leading candidate for this Agronomy Sales or Seed Sales position.

This folder should include any notes or letters from others that comment on how you did a great job, annual review information, examples of presentations you’ve given, newsletter articles or sales letters that you have written, certifications you’ve attained, and awards that you have earned. This is an ongoing project that will change and expand as you move through your career. The key thing is to keep it current!

I encourage you to bring a Brag Book to your next Ag Sales interview. This compilation of work and success will undoubtedly show that you have initiative, professionalism, organization, and a passion for success. It may be all the difference you need to place yourself above the rest.

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Unknown said...

The brag book is very strong but consider using a 30/60/90/Day Sales Plan to ace the interview and get the job offer.

The brag book is a historical look at your performance and the 30/60/90 day sales plan is a forward look at what you can do for the employer.

Best of Luck
Peggy McKee