Friday, August 1, 2008

If you want a job in agriculture - provide the best contact info

Today's job seekers never cease to amaze me. They want to pursue a new career, yet list numbers for phones they are rarely near, and email addresses for accounts they rarely check. If you're serious about looking for a new position, leaving active contact info is critical to your job search success.

Hiring managers are going to close off the search and start the interview process at some point. If your resume arrives at the end of that window, they may only have a day to reach you. With no response, they will most likely pass on you.

Do your job search a big favor and list your cell phone number, along with your home phone number. If you have a company cell phone and would rather not have these calls come in, it might be worth the small investment in a phone to ensure you can be reached for these opportunities.

The same goes for email. I would highly encourage you NOT to use the email account provided by your current employer. Not only is it a questionable practice to use company resources to look for a job with another employer, it's also possible that your employer may have tracking software that can use these activities against you. If you don't have a personal account, there are many free options with Hotmail, Yahoo, and Google. Just remember, it's very important to check it regularly!

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